Increasing Faith in Natural Healing

During the past four decades, natural approaches to healthcare have become increasing popular and proven among health professionals and the general public. Electromedicine, herbal medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, and holistic healing methods and materials have been heralded as curative. Each of these healing methods are directed by the concept that health is more than the absence of disease.

The textbook Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, in which I contributed a chapter on vaccine risks, is highly recommended reading, and should be available in every home library. It provides thousands of proven treatments for virtually every disease to be extinguished naturally.

In contrast, prescription medicines, the pharmaceutical (i.e., allopathic) approach to “healthcare,” is really “disease induction” through symptom suppression, including mounting deadly side effects. These interventions rarely attack the primary causes of diseases.

Indeed, optimal health maintenance demands a more complex, complete, and natural approach.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) now defines health most broadly to include “spiritual” forces beyond the physical. Mental, emotional, social and environmental factors are widely known to heavily impact wellness or illness.

In recent years, especially with the establishment of acupuncture’s scientific basis, along with other advances in “energy medicine,” the notion of “spiritual health” has increasingly captivated the attention of researchers and clinicians.(14)

Genetic discoveries during the past decade proved more forcefully the spiritual (i.e., biochemical and bioelectric) properties of living organisms. “Water clusters” associated with DNA have been shown to transmit light and sound energy virtually instantaneously throughout the body. Energy passes from one cell’s DNA to the next through structured water. This proven mechanism of electromagnetic “cellular up-regulation” has added to the realization that you are a spiritual being more than,you are a physical being.(15)

In addition, body chemistry factors over which you have control have been shown to greatly impact genetic expressions along with virtually every metabolic process. These biochemical/bioelectric factors include the pH of your body fluids and oxygen levels within your body.(16-18) C-CURE™ is believed to work with these factors on your behalf.

Natural Healing vs. Disease Rx

Here is the striking difference between drug-based medical mis-management of diseases, and more wholistic or natural ways of body balancing and supporting immunity to facilitate “natural” (i.e, bioenergetic, spiritual or Divine) healing of cancers and more.

Cancer treatments, the “slash, burn and poison” approach to attacking cancers, disrespects the innate, unlimited, arguably Divine, power of people to heal naturally. This more holistic view involves several systems including, immunological, neurological, endocrinological, electromagnetic, and bioacoustic.

Naturopathic methods often work by changing these critical systems, reducing the intoxication, and supporting the general conditions within your body (i.e., your body’s terrain or internal environment) which promote immune competence. This naturally expels diseases, and energetically restores your body to health. That is, these natural methods all vibrationally affect your body to restore perfect alignments and harmonies for optimal healing and longevity. Chiropractors as well as acupuncturists understand this concept as the basis of their treatments.

This is also the suggested and proven approach to battling cancer for people who make use of C-CURE™. Lifestyle changes including diet, nutritional supplementation of which C-CURE™ is a part, aerobic and lymphatic exercises, and naturopathic healers have proven themselves worthy, time and time again, been proven worthy of cancer patients’ faith and trust.

The International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends, composed mainly of people who beat cancer using this multidisciplinary approach, is one large organization heralding this good new. This approach to healthcare through self-care will improve your body’s general chemical, bio-electrical (energetic), and immunological conditions which make it virtually impossible for many chronic diseases, including most cancers, to persist.

In other words, virtually every disease requires a certain body chemistry. Body chemistry impacts biochemical/bioelectrical mechanisms impacting immunity and natural immunological rejection of cancers. Once these metabolic, biochemical/bioelectric, and/or immunological conditions causing diseases are reversed or removed, health quickly manifests as though by Divine order.

In other words, during cancer care, it is important to ask, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” In this case, every cancer is preceded by the factors that gave rise to it.

In medical practice, there a fundamental tenant that accurate diagnosis is required before optimally effective treatments can be rendered. Unfortunately, with medical physicians’ rush to judgment regarding the correct drugs, radiation, or surgery to prescribe for cancer, this foundational knowledge is never gained. Thus, medical treatments may or may not help for the short term, but in the long run health is only generated and maintained holistically.

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The Holy Chemistry Variable

“pH” stands for the “power of Hydrogen.” The symbol for the hydrogen ion is, “H+”. The “+” reflects a positive charge which is energetically attracted to oppositely charged ions like elemental oxygen, “O-”. Here, the “-” reflects a negative charge or energy. Since your body is more than eighty (80) percent water—composed of these two elements holding electrical charges—common sense says that you are mostly made of energized water! This is indeed the case. The most amazing discoveries in modern science in the fields of genetics and physics have, in recent years, confirmed this fact.

Likely related to why C-CURE™ works so well is it facilitate a change of “pH” and oxygen levels where needed.

Virtually all malignancies, require an acidified body chemistry (i.e., lowered body pH) in order to thrive and spread. This is reported in the scientific literature.(16, 17)

Likewise, with infectious diseases associated with bacteria, viruses, and fungi, the growth of these organisms and illnesses greatly depends on your body's chemistry. Indeed, body chemistry vitally impacts your immunity for better or worse, depending on how you adjust it. This is the main reason why some people defeat the most lethal cancers or infections whereas most others simply succumb.(17)

That is also why a vital part of the C-CURE™ program rests with you treating your body condition (chemistry and immunity)—not the cancer per say—but the environment, or terrain, in which your cancer is growing or thriving. Change the chemistry surrounding the tumor, and the cancer in many if not most cases will simply be rejected as a result of natural immunological processes.

To reinforce this vitally important point, generally speaking, cancer as well as other diseases associated with bacterial, viral, and/or fungal infections, cannot grow well, if at all, in a “Temple of God” made more alkaline. You alone can take responsibility for adjusting your body chemistry and increasing your alkalinity by drinking copious quantities of pure pH 8-9 drinking water, and selecting a diet rich in alkalinizing foods. These topics are covered in detail in my twelfth book, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science, the cost of the book less than $25. To save time, money, and maybe your life, get it, read it, and follow the directions!

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I especially urge you to use naturally prepared lemonade with cayenne pepper for fasting, detoxification, and alkalinization. This detoxifying fast is detailed in my book and online at (Click here for fasting instructions.)

For your additional education, consider purchasing Dr. Gary Tunsky’s edutaining CD entitled, “The Battle for Health is Over pH.” Simply click on that graphic above for more information on this exceptional offering. Dr. Tunsky recommends simple body chemistry changes proven to be most important in effectively treating myriad chronic illnesses ranging from autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, and much, much more.(19)

Finally, before I discuss C-CURE™, if you feel you could benefit from a complete self-care course, completed in the comfort of your home, consider purchasing for health enhancement Taking Care of Yourself.(20)

This six (6) hour interactive health training program comes with a 36-page fill-in-the-blank guidebook. You personalize your training by filling in the blanks. This package is ideal for teaching people—medical patients or health clients—the essentials for living an optimally healthy life. Besides this, it is a motivational and inspirational package. I designed this entire course to inspire positive attitudes and lifestyle choices supportive to healthy human development and miraculous disease recoveries.(20)

Now let’s focus more directly on cancer and then C-CURE™.

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